Terms and Conditions of Sale © Copyright Advice Ceilings PTY LTD trading as Advice Ceiling Contractors, 2011. All Rights Reserved. ABN 46 109 729 937   EST 1990       COMMERCIAL       RESIDENTIAL       DECORATIVE       & HERITAGE... INSURANCE QUOTE      SPECIALISTS  COUNCIL - If council permission is required for work on site it will be assumed by Advice Ceilings Pty Ltd that council permission has been granted. PAINTING - If ceiling and cornice is painted it is expected that the walls will need painting due to paint splatter, drips, cornice line etc and at no cost to Advice Ceilings. Any ceiling (pull down) will damage walls and the walls will need painting. Advice ceilings Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for wall damage. This includes any property, frames, windows, doors, carpets or any other flooring, skirting, picture rail, window treatments including blinds and curtains. Painting of walls does not include doors, door frames, windows, window frames, window sills and skirting. HIA Member 10 years FLOORING / FURNITURE / GOODS - Advice Ceilings Pty Ltd takes care of flooring by covering with plastic or carpet to avoid damage. If flooring stains, marks, tears, scratches or any damage happens to any flooring Advice Ceilings Pty Ltd is not liable for repairs or cleaning as we take as much care as possible to avoid damage to floors. Advice ceilings PTY LTD takes no responsibility for any damage to goods, fixtures, fittings, furniture or any belongings on the purchasers property. Website Created by Craig Eccles 0405025632