EST 1990 © Copyright Advice Ceilings PTY LTD trading as Advice Ceiling Contractors, 2011. All Rights Reserved. ABN 46 109 729 937   When it comes to finding a tradesperson to deal with work you need carried out, it can be a long process where you may find yourself let down by one tradesperson and having to seek another. Perhaps you’ll be lucky and find the perfect person for the job immediately, but overall, most people generally have to try a few times before successfully finding that ever elusive reliable tradesperson. Ideally what you need to do in order to heighten your chances of success is to prepare a series of questions that you require your prospective tradesperson to answer and only when you’ve received satisfactory results should you agree to a contract. If you have a list of questions ready to ask a tradesperson, always ensure that you get the answers you need from them immediately. There’s no point in waiting around for them to get back to you. A good tradesperson will know the answers straight away and will be happy to put your mind at ease with his or her responses. Below are a list of questions you should always include before hiring any tradespeople. 1. How long have you been in business?    Always ask initially how long the tradesperson has been in business. If they can provide you with some form of proof also, that is even better    as you can see they’re not ‘fly-by-night’ types and this should mean they have an established business and business address. 2. Do they have references or testimonials for past work?    If you can find a tradesperson who is willing to show you examples of their past jobs, this is a good sign. If they have photos of their previous    jobs, take the time to look at them. Also, ask if they have a web site with pictures and testimonials. 3. Are they a member of a trade organisation?    Many organisations have a protection scheme that helps to resolve any disputes that may occur and also gives you peace of mind that there’s    someone to turn to if things go wrong. Get the name of the organisation or association the tradesman belongs to and then ring them to find out    whether they’re a member. 4. Do they have insurance against damage and public liability?    It is absolutely crucial that you find out whether your builder has insurance to cover any possible damage against your property. Even if they’ve    never had any issues in the past, there may be mistakes made in the future, so check that they are liable should there be any unexpected    events whilst the work is being carried out. 5. What is the guarantee on their work?    If their guarantee is backed by insurance, this is even better as you will have protection should the tradesman’s go out of business. It is very    important to look at the guarantees as you don’t want to suddenly realise there’s a problem a few weeks outside of your standard guarantee    period. well established businesses will in most cases always rectify issues to ensure their reputation is kept intact. 6. Ask if you can see their license?    Obtaining the details of a tradesman’s license can be one of the more fundamental questions to ask before starting any job. (are they qualified)    Take note of the ABN details and ensure they’re up to date and are genuine. You may need them in the future and it’s possible that if something    goes wrong the tradesperson won’t be willing to give the details by that stage, so get them early on. Remember, your own insurance will not    cover for unlicensed trade practices if something goes wrong. 7. What do they estimate to be the time frame for the job?    Always get an estimate of the time frame for your job. If you need work to be completed by a certain date, make sure that the tradesperson is    aware of that and ask for it to be written down as an estimate if they believe they’re able to make that deadline. 8. What will be the quote for the job?    Always ensure that it is a written quote and check how long it is valid for. If there’s anything on the quote you’re not sure about, ask specifically    about it and don’t ever feel that there’s a dumb question. Get all the information on how much the work will cost you before agreeing to a contract. 9. When will the work begin?    Many people agree to a contract after being happy at the length of time quoted for completion of the work, but then don’t hear anything from their    tradespeople for some time. Always find out what the approximate start date will be for your job and make sure that they stick to that. If you can,    have it written into the contract that they must have started and completed by a specific time. 10. What are the terms of payment?    Agree with your tradesman the terms of payment before you sign the contract. Some tradespeople will require a deposit upfront, whilst others are    happy to carry out the work and receive payment then. Some will bill you for the work, whereas others may require cash or a cheque on    completion. Arrange it in a way that suits you best and makes you most comfortable. Top 10 questions to ask a trades person                                              Avoid Warning Signs When Possible It can be financially and emotional crippling when you realise that your hard-earned cash has been wasted on a rogue tradesman. As the number of 'have-a-go' tradesmen continue to rise in Australia. There are some obvious warning signs that you can avoid when you're trying to find a good tradesman. Many tradesmen who are considered good won't approach you directly door to door trying to make sales. They are usually far too busy for that, so when someone appears touting for a job, be wary and consider your decision very seriously before agreeing to work with them. If they only give you a mobile phone number and are unwilling to put anything in writing, take this as a definite warning sign and don't proceed in any further dealings with them. Many unreliable tradesmen will offer discounts for cash and will be unable to give you a full quote. This again is a sign that you should walk away and look elsewhere for a reputable tradesman. If you successfully combine the warning signs tips with the tips on what to ask a tradesman, you should find these to be the essential aspects in securing work from a reputable and satisfactory trades person. HIA Member over 10 years       COMMERCIAL       RESIDENTIAL       DECORATIVE       & HERITAGE... Website Created by Craig Eccles 0405025632